The event returns to Mesa after missing 2020 due to COVID

2021 Southwest Championships

The official schedule will be posted to the website no later than Tuesday, June 22nd.

The event will feature all ages playing the same weekend for the first time.

The PW World Series

After years of splitting the PW World Series into 2 weekends, all ages will be brought back to the same weekend for the first time since it's inception. 18U-14U teams will compete July 9-13 for the right to be crowned a PW Champion!

The event will return to CA in limited capacity, with all games played at Great Park.

2021 LA Invitational

After a hard year away in 2020, the LA Invitational was given the green light to return in 2021. With minimal time to prepare, PW Baseball made the decision to limit the event to just Great Park of Irvine. We expect to return to the original format in 2022, but for this year, only 27 teams will be approved to participate. Teams have until June 18th to request a spot.

The event is once again sold out for 2021 & will take place at the Indians & Reds complex in Goodyea

PW World Series West

The PW World Series West will return to Goodyear, AZ for it's 9th year. Once again, the event is sold out, with over 60 teams scheduled to compete.

The event moves from Auburndale to Fort Pierce in 2021

PW Summer Classic

Last year, the PW Summer Classic was a new event added to kick off the 2020 COVID summer schedule. This year, the event will move into the spot originally occupied by the 2nd half of the PW World Series.