Q: Does my admission ticket work at other parks during this event? A: A day pass works for all games played, all day long, at any field or complex. A tournament pass works for every game at every complex during the event.
Q: Do you need us to mail you copies of the player's birth certificates? A: Teams should carry birth certificates with them in the event of a protest. Prospect Wire's age cutoff for all events is May 1st OR if the player graduates in his appropriate grad year. Colleges recruit players based off of graduation year, not age. In this regard a player can be 20 years old, but graduate in 2013 and still be eligible to participate in a 2013 event.
Q: Can I bring a pop-up tent, umbrella or shade into the event? A: Yes.
Q: Can I bring a cooler into the baseball complex? A: Due to restrictions placed on us by the facility operators, no coolers are allowed in the baseball complex. (It's not our call.) You can, however, bring one team cooler that must remain in the dugout. Prospect Wire does not operate or benefit from concession stand sales in any way. Concessions are operated by the stadium, venue or a 3rd party operator.