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Event Central
  • 3 games without any playoffs
  • Hand picked matchups to create better games for each team
  • NO PLAYOFFS for this event.  

Games Begin Saturday morning September 19th

Games End late afternoon Sunday September 20th


Players in this division cannot turn 15 before Sept 1, 2015

  • 7 inning games or 2 hour time limits.  Time limit is NOT drop dead.  No new inning will start after 2 hours. 
  • Games are official after 5 innings (4.5 if home team is winning)
  • No Run Rule in effect. If the score of the game gets out of hand, both coach's may agree to end game for player's sake, but with no playoffs - games are 2 hours or 7 innings.
  • Teams may hit up to 12 players at one time.  You may utilize a DH & 2 EH if you wish.  Teams can hit 9 if they prefer, but 12 is max allowed at one time.  
  • When in doubt, National High School rules apply
  • Courtesy runner for the catcher &/or pitcher is allowed at any time during the inning.  The runner must be someone on the bench who has not yet played in the game.  If no one is available, you may use the last BATTED out.  
  • Games may end in a tie. If game is still tied after 7 and there is time left on the clock, 8th inning starts with last batted out at 2nd base and 0 outs.  Both teams play this way til there is a winner or time limit is reached.  ***Because there are no playoffs, if home team is hitting & winning when time limit hits, the inning will be allowed to finish so kids can get their AB's.
  • Home Team is determined by a COIN FLIP before the game.  Coin flip will be conducted by PW Scorekeeper (or coaches may flip as long as 1 rep from each team is available to do so).  
  • Umpires will keep the game clock and report starting time to the PW scorekeeper as backup.  Umpires will also keep official score, with PW Scorekeeper as additional backup.  If there is a question in score, umpires will discuss with scorekeeper on each field.
14U/13U Division:  BBCOR is allowed (teams are welcome to hit with wood if they want, but not required)
Prospect Wire will provide the baseballs for this event.  Teams are not required to bring baseballs.