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Updated: May 24th, 2017
Memorial Weekend Classic: Combine Schedule (Saturday & Sunday)
By: Brian Werner | Prospectwire.com

Tampa, FL - Combine Schedule for this weekend's Memorial Weekend Classic Event

Combine will be on Lake Myrtle "Stadium Field" at the front of the complex.  Please arrive at least 10 mins prior to the start of your combine so you can stretch out for the 60.

Players will Run the 60, Get their exit Velocity tested & catcher's will have their pop times recorded

Saturday 5/27 LAKE MYRTLE FIELD 5 ("Stadium Field")
9:00 AM Evoshield FL 17U Academic NLB Select 18U Red X X X
9:30 AM Gatorball 15U X X X X
10:00 AM X X X X X
10:30 AM Hit Factory 18U Black Chet Lemon Juice 16U BPA Lightning 14U Hit Factory 18U Blue X
11:00 AM Florida Dodgers 2020 Chandler World 16U Power Baseball 2020 White Florida League 2020 X
11:30 AM Panama Mutiny 14U Evoshield FL 2021 TC TBSA Patriots 16U X X
12:00 PM X X X X X
12:30 PM PHB 18U Chandler Baseball 2018s Lakeland Legends 13U Bullets Baseball 16U Payne X
1:00 PM Chandler World 15U NLB Select 18U Old Hickory Power Baseball 2019 Blue Evoshield 2018 Army Florida League 2018
1:30 PM Gatorball 16U Ostingers 2019 TBSA Patriots 17U Hit Factory 16U Blue Florida League 2019
2:00 PM JM Prospects Underclass Ostingers 2020 Orlando Stallions 17U X X
2:30 PM X X X X X
3:00 PM X X X X X
3:30 PM Lakeland Legends 18U X X X X
4:00 PM Lakeland Legends 15U Green Angels Baseball 18U Power Baseball 2018 Navy Team Hoyle 14U X
4:30 PM Angels 16U FTB Pride 16U Chandler World 17U Tampa Post 248 17U X
5:00 PM Top Tier Roos National 2020 X X X X
Sunday 5/28 LAKE MYRTLE FIELD 5 ("Stadium Field")
8:30 AM Evoshield FL 2018 Prime NLB Select 16U Old Hickory Seminole Storm 16U Town N Country Kings 17U X
9:00 AM FL Stealth Underclass Red X X X X
9:30 AM X X X X X
10:00 AM X X X X X
10:30 AM Rebels 14U Miami Giants 15U FTB Gamechangers 16U Chet Lemon 18U X
11:00 AM Power Baseball 16U Tampa Storm 17U NLB Select 16U Red Next Level 14U Bullets 18U
11:30 AM JM Prospects Upperclass Lakeland Legends 14U Top Tier Roos American 2020 NLB Select 15U Evoshield FL 2021 Black
12:00 PM Evoshield FL 2021 Gold Hitmen Baseball 14U X X X
12:30 PM Edge Baseball 14U A-Team 16U Team Orlando Power 14U Chandler World 13U Black Elite Squad Prime 13U
1:00 PM Florida Dodgers 2022 MBA Elite 16U Florida Dodgers 2021 Tri County Baseball 16u Chet Lemon 15U
1:30 PM Gatorball 17U Evoshield Florida 2019 Prime Ostingers 16U Power Baseball 2020 Team SKLZ 2019
2:00 PM Evoshield FL 2019 Arsenal Team Pro4mer 17U X X X
2:30 PM X X X X X
3:00 PM X X X X X
3:30 PM Hit Factory 16U Black Angels Baseball 14U Miami Giants Baseball 14U X X
4:00 PM Primetime Baseball 16U Evoshield FL 2020 Gold A-Team 14U Ostingers 2018 Brevard Aces 14U
4:30 PM Lakeland Legends 15U Black Hit Factory 14U Lakeland Legends 16U X X