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Host: Prospect Wire
Event: 2018 3rd Annual NextGen SoCal Classic
Age Groups: 14U, 2022s, 13U, 2023s
Type: Tournament - Games Minimum
Date: April 28th - April 29th, 2018 (Sat - Sun)
City: Los Angeles & Surrounding Cities (CA)
Bats: bbcor_wood
Rules:  Click here for Rules
Tourn Pass: $10
Day Pass: $15
Registration: Closed



Each team plays 3 pool play games

4 Pool Winners Advance to the Semi Finals & Championship

No Consolations for remaining teams



Each team plays 2 Pool Play Games (Saturday)

Top 8 teams advance to ELITE Playoffs

Seeds 9-16 advance to SILVER Playoffs

Seeds 17-24 advance to BRONZE Playoffs

Remaining teams will have a 3rd game match up on Sunday to complete their guarantee



GENERAL RULES (Youth Events)


13U/14U Divisions

·         Games are 7 innings or 2 hour time limits (not drop dead time limit)

·         No new inning can start after 2 hours

·         Games are considered official after 4 full innings (3.5 if home team is winning)

·         If game is tied after 7 and time limit still left, 8th inning begins with last batted out at 2nd base, 0 outs.  Both teams will play this way until time limit is reached or there is a winner.

·         Teams may hit up to 11 players at one time.  If you wish to do this, you may use 1 DH and 2 EH’s.  You may not hit more than 11 players at any one time.  ***Note a DH is “married” to that position he is hitting for.  An EH can be swapped out with any other position as often as you wish.

·         Courtesy Runners allowed at any time for Pitcher and/or Catcher.  Must be player on the bench who hasn’t played OR last batted out if no bench player is available.

·         Home Team determined by coin flip; higher seed is home team in playoffs

·         Championship Game has 2 hour time limit.

·         All players must be on lineup card handed to umpires before the game to be legal players for that game. 

·         Umpires will keep official time; they will notify coaches as a courtesy when time limit gets close.

·         If a player or coach is ejected for malicious contact or unsportsmanlike behavior, he may be subject to missing the rest of that game, as well as the next game.

·         If a player or coach is ejected for a snap reaction, but does not become out of control, they may return for the next game (will need to be discussed between Umpire, Crew Chief & Tournament Director)

·         When in doubt, National High School federation rules apply

·         13U approved metal no more than -5

·         14U can only use BBCOR or Wood

·         Run Rules are as follows:

10 Runs after 5

15 Runs after 4

AGE CUT OFF 13U:  Players must be 2023 Grad or higher OR not turn 14 on or before May 1, 2018

AGE CUT OFF 14U:  Players must be 2022 Grad or higher OR not turn 15 on or before May 1, 2018



1.       Head to Head (if 3 or more teams have the same record and did not all play each other, head to head tie breaker is immediately thrown out. In this scenario head to head only is used if 1 team beat everyone else.

2.       Runs Allowed During Pool Play

3.       Runs Scored During Pool Play

4.       Run Differential between Runs Scored & Runs Allowed during pool play


If a game is tied at the end of the 7th, regardless of how much time is left, during a playoff game, 8th inning immediately starts with last batted out at 2nd base, 0 outs.  Both teams will play this way until there is a winner. 


In the 1st Round of a Playoff (unless there is only a Semi-Final &/or Championship Round), if two teams from same organization OR same pool match up in Round 1, Tournament Director reserves the right to swap out the next lowest seed in order to avoid a repeat matchup in Round 1.  If this occurs in Semi Finals or Championship then it is what it is.


Special Note Regarding Pitching Limits

Prospect Wire does not believe in setting pitching limits for our teams to follow. We believe that coaches should not only know their players better than us, but be responsible adults when handling their pitchers.  It is a coach’s responsibility (as well as the parents) to ensure a player is not being overused during an event.

Prospect Wire takes player safety very seriously. While we do not impose pitching restrictions, we do reserve the right to ban a coach/team from an event if we feel they are blatantly abusing a pitcher’s arm by allowing him to throw multiple appearances with excessive innings during an event. 

Prospect Wire will handle each situation on a case by case basis. Again, coaches should be responsible and educated on how to properly handle their players. But Prospect Wire will not actively set limits on how many pitches a player can throw in a given game or event.