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Host: Prospect Wire
Event: 5th Annual PW World Series Underclass
Age Groups: 16U, 15U
Type: Tournament - Games Minimum
Date: July 22nd - July 26th, 2016 (Fri - Tue)
City: Port St. Lucie (FL)
Bats: wood_composite
Rules:  Click here for Rules
Tourn Pass: $25
Day Pass: $10
Registration: Closed

Previous Years

Port St. Lucie, FL
Port St. Lucie, FL
Goodyear, AZ

Prospect Wire General Event Rules

14 Pools = 14 Pool Winners Advance (Seeds 1-14)

2 Wild Cards Advance (Seeds 15 & 16) *Can come from any pool

Round of 16: #1 vs. #16, #2 vs. #15, #3 vs. #14, etc.

Quarter-Finals: 1/16 Winner vs. 8/9 Winner, 2/15 Winner vs. 7/10 Winner, etc.

Semi-Finals: 1/16 & 8/9 Winner vs. 4/13 & 5/12 Winner, etc.

Championship Game


  1. Games are 7 innings or 2 hours, whichever occurs first. Time limit is NOT drop dead, unless home team is batting AND winning when time limit hits. No new inning will start after 2 hours. If a game is in the top of an inning when time hits, and home team is losing, the full inning must be completed.
  2. Games are considered official after 4 full innings of baseball (in the event of weather)
  3. Games can end in a tie during pool play, consolations or showcase games.
  4. If a game is tied after 7 innings, and there is time left on the clock, the 8th inning & beyond start with the last batted out at 2nd base, 0 outs.  Both teams will hit this way til there is a winner or time limit is reached & game ends in tie.  Same rules apply, once top of inning starts, if time limit hits, full inning must finish.
  5. Teams may hit up to 11 players during pool play, consolation or showcase games. If you hit 11, you may use 1 DH & 2 EH’s.  You may not hit more than 11 at any one time.  A DH is “married” to the person he is hitting for.  An EH can be interchanged with any player on the field at any time.
  6. RUN RULES – 15 runs after 4 innings of play OR 10 runs after 5 innings of play
  7. Courtesy Runners allowed at any time for the catcher and/or pitcher (if he is hitting).  The runner must be a player that has not previously entered the game. If no one is available, then it is the last batted out.
  8. Home Team is determined by a Coin Flip (or coach’s mutual decision before the game) during pool play, consolations or any showcase event games. Coin flip should be conducted in front of PW scorekeeper or the coaches can let him know if mutually decided upon before the game.
  9. Coaches should have their lineup cards filled out no less than 15 mins before their game & ready for the Scorekeepers when they come for them. Please make sure to include first & last name (or at least a first initial) and their jersey # & positions. 
  10. During games, Coaches are required to report any Pitching & Offensive changes to the scorekeeper & umpire.  Prospect Wire does not necessarily need to know defensive changes in the field, but failure to report a pitching change or offensive change in the lineup may result in information going on the wrong player’s profile or stats being incorrect.
  11. Umpires keep the official Game time, and should give a courtesy “reminder” when time limit gets close to hitting. Prospect Wire scorekeepers do not keep official game time.
  12. Prospect Wire will side with whatever an umpire calls on the field of play.  Prospect Wire does not make a habit of over ruling an umpire’s call, unless it’s in direct conflict with a printed rule. Appeals are $100/appeal.  Money is returned if the issue is overturned only.  Coach must announce protest at the proper time and inform the home plate umpire & opposing coach that the remainder of the game is being played under protest.
  13. If a player or coach is ejected for any reason within the normal scope of a baseball game (i.e. – snap reaction, throws a helmet or bat, gets tossed) that player may return for the next game, if there is one.  Same with a coach.  If the ejection is deemed “offensive” or “over the top” then the player will miss that game and the next game played in the tournament. These situations will be discussed between the umpire & tournament director, with possible discussion with both coaches. 
  14. If a team’s only coach is ejected, and it was not for something considered offensive or over the top, the umpire may allow that coach to stay in the dugout to keep order.  The coach may not do any coaching on the field. He may only encourage his players and keep dugout order.  If the umpire feels the coach is continuing to coach on the field, he may have the coach removed from the park completely for the remainder of that game.  He may not return to coach the next game either, if this occurs. 
  15. Coaches are responsible for their team’s parents.  If a parent is out of hand and disruptive to the game, the umpire has the right to eject the head coach, and assistants if order cannot be kept.
  16. If a player or coach is ejected more than once in an event, they are ineligible to return for the remainder of the tournament, regardless of severity of ejection.
  17. When in doubt, National Association (HS) rules apply.  This is with regard to substitutions, slide rules at each base, pickoffs & balks, etc. 


  • Upperclass Division (18U/17U teams) – Wood Bat Only (may use composite or BAUM bats)
  • Underclass Division (16U/15U teams) – Wood Bat Only (may use composite or BAUM bats)
  • NextGen Division (14U/13U teams) – BBCOR or Wood (players may elect to swing wood if they want, but are not required to. BBCOR (-3) are the only approved metal bats in this division, including for 13u teams. It is a combined age group and 13u teams can have 14u players and still call themselves 13u. Everyone must use the same bats, no exceptions.)

TIE BREAKERS (in order)

  1. Head to Head (if 3 or more teams in a pool finish with the same record, head to head only counts if one team beat both of the other two)
  2. Average Runs Allowed during pool play
  3. Average Runs Scored during pool play
  4. Difference between Runs Scored & Runs Allowed during pool play


  • Home team is the higher seed throughout the playoffs & championship
  • Games cannot end in a tie. If game is tied after 7 (or when time limit hits) the next inning will begin with the Last Batted Out at 2nd Base. Both teams will play this way until there is a winner. This applies to all playoff games, including the championship. Championship games are not played straight up baseball in extra innings. 
  • Teams may only hit up to 11 players in a playoff or championship game. You may use 1 DH & 2 EH in this situation.  You may not hit more than 11 in any playoff game, no exceptions.
  • In the first round of the playoffs only, if two teams are matched up against each other and they come from the same Pool OR the same organization, then Prospect Wire may reserve the right to flip flop with the next lowest seed, to prevent this from happening.  This applies to the first round ONLY.  After the 1st round of the playoffs, matchups are not altered.  (This only applies to events that have a Quarterfinal OR a Round of 32 to start the playoffs.  If it’s a small playoff with only a Semi-Final & Final, this does not apply)