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Host: Prospect Wire
Event: 4th Annual - Fall National Championships - Upperclass
Age Groups: 18U, 17U
Type: Tournament - 4 Games Minimum
Date: October 22nd - October 25th, 2015 (Thu - Sun)
City: Port St. Lucie (FL)
Bats: wood_composite
Tourn Pass: $25 (17 and under are free)
Day Pass: $10
Registration: Closed

Event Begins:  Friday morning (October 23rd)
End Ends:  Sunday evening (October 25th)
32 Total Teams
8 Pools of 4 teams in each pool
Each team will play each other 1 time in pool play (3 games total)
Winner of Each Pool Advances to playoffs
Quarterfinals Matchups:
#1 vs. #8, #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6, #4 vs. #5
Semifinals Matchups:

Winner of 1/8 vs. Winner of 4/5
Winner of 2/7 vs. Winner of 3/6
1.  Pool Play Games are 7 innings or 2 hours in time.  This is not a drop dead time limit.  No new inning can start after the time limit is reached.  Pool Play Games can end in a tie.  
2.  Games are official games after 4.5 innings of play, if home team is winning.  If rain halts a game after this point and is called, it is considered official.  ***If game is in middle of an inning when weather hits, it will revert back to the last full inning of played.  National High School rules apply in this situation.

3.  If a game is tied after 7 during pool play and there is time left on the clock, games may go extra innings until a winner is decided or time limit is reached.  8th inning and beyond will start with last batted out at 2nd base, 0 outs to start each inning
4.  Teams may bat up to 10 players at any one time.  You are not required to, but you have the option to use a DH & EH.  The DH is "married" to the player he is hitting for.  The "EH" can be interchanged with any player on the field, except the DH.  You may not hit more than 10 players in any game, unless its a consolation game.  No matter what any field staff member tells you, you may hit no more than 10 players at a time during pool play & playoff games.  No exceptions
5.  Coaches are required to make sure that the scorekeeper on their field is made aware of all HITTING changes to the lineup during a game.  Please do not rely on the umpire to remember to tell our staff.  (***This is the #1 reason a lot of statistical box score errors occur)
6.  Home team during pool play is determined by COIN FLIP before the game.  This can be conducted with any member of your team, parents, etc...and will either be witnessed by a PW scorekeeper or between both coaches.  
7.  Coaches are required to have their lineup cards ready for the scorekeepers no less than 15 mins before their game starts.  This is to ensure your lineups are correctly entered for scorekeeping box scores.  
8.  Courtesy Runners are allowed at any time during the inning for the catcher OR pitcher (if he's hitting).  Speed Up Runners must be someone on the bench who has not yet played.  If no player exists, then the last BATTED out can be used.  
9.  Umpires will keep the game time clock, and keep teams updated when it is running low.  Umpires should also keep track of official score.  If there is a discrepancy the PW Scorekeeper will discuss with the umpires for verification.  
10.  If a team wishes to protest, the fee is $100.  The protest must be noted with both the umpires & the PW Scorekeeper on that field.  The game will play itself out (unless it is something that can be ruled upon immediately).  If there is a change in result, the teams will be made aware after the game by the Tournament Director.  If PW Tournament Director deems there cannot be a protest based on the information at hand, the team will receive it's $100 back.  
11.  Coaches are responsible for controlling their players & parents.
12.  If a PLAYER is ejected from a game for any reason deemed excessive and outside the normal scope of baseball, he will sit out the rest of that game PLUS the next one, regardless of what game that is.  This includes playoffs games.  Excessive would be:  Intentionally throwing at hitters, intentionally running over the catcher with intent to harm, intentionally sliding late with intent to harm at 2nd or 3rd base, excessive language to another player, coach or umpire, making contact with the umpire intentionally.  ***If a player intentionally pushes, bumps or threatens an umpire, he is out of the event for all remaining games.  NO EXCEPTIONS
If a PLAYER is ejected from the game for something deemed part of the game of baseball, he will sit out the remainder of that game only.  He may return for the next game.  The Tournament Director will make final ruling on ejections of this nature if necessary.  We understand sometimes things happen and players loose their cool.  We do not want a player who makes a snap reaction to be punished for 50% of the event, if it's something that was bang, bang and over with.  
Any Player that is ejected more than once from an event is out of that event for the remainder of his games, NO EXCEPTIONS.  
Prospect Wire will now be implementing the following ejection rule:
Any coach that is ejected from a game will be forced to sit out the remainder of that game PLUS an additional round of games.  That includes championship games, playoff games, consolation games, etc.  A "round" would mean if a coach has multiple teams playing at the same time in the next time slot, he would be suspended for ALL of those games since they take place at the same time aka the same round. 
  • Violent ejections - Any ejection where a coach makes physical contact with an umpire - deliberate pushing, shoving, non-accidental bumping - is out for the remainder of the event. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • 2 ejections and you are OUT. A coach that is ejected twice from the same event, regardless of which age groups that he was coaching when he was ejected, is suspended from coaching any team from any age group for the remainder of the event.
  • Ejections do not carry over from event to event on different dates. Meaning - if a coach gets ejected from a June PW event, that will not carry over to a July PW event.  The coach would start the July PW event with 0 ejections.
  • In the event where that coach is primarily responsible as the care taker and supervisor of his players, that coach will have the option of paying a $100 fine to bypass his additional game suspension and get back in the dugout with his players during the next round of games. 
  • In the scenario where a coach has multiple teams in the event and those teams all play at the same time in the next round - the coach must sit out any and all of those games that involve teams from his organization. For example, if a coach is ejected from a9am game and the next time a team from his organization takes the field is the following day where 3 of his teams play at the same time at 9am - the coach must sit out that ENTIRE round of games. In other words, a coach is unable to choose which game to apply his suspension to. 
13.  Prospect Wire takes care of all baseballs for this event.  We ask your players please help track down foul balls when you are hitting.  Please help out when necessary.  Thank you.
14,  Players may be rostered on multiple teams, provided they are not in the same division.  (Example - a 14u player can be rostered on both 14u and 16u teams.  A 16u player can be on a 16u & 18u team.  Players may not be rostered on multiple teams in the same division.  Meaning a 15u player cannot be on a 15u & 16u roster at same time.  Or 16u to another 16u, and so forth.
15.  National HS rules apply for all substitution rules and when in doubt.  
​1.  All playoff games are 7 innings or 2 hour time limits.  Same rules apply as in pool play, however there must be a winner.  If game is tied at end of 7 or 2 hour time limit...then 8th inning will start with last batted out at 2nd base, 0 outs.  Both teams will play this way until someone wins.  
2.  Teams may bat no more than 10 players at any one time.
3.  Home Team is the higher seed (seeding will take place after pool play ends)
4.  Playoffs are single elimination.  Once you lose, you are out.  
5.  Championship Games in all divisions have No Time Limit.  Games will play out until finished.  If game is tied after 7 innings, 8th inning will start out with 0 outs and last batted out at 2nd base. Both teams will play this way until there is a winner.  Higher Seed is Home Team in Championship Games​
6.  Tie Breakers
a.  Head to Head
b.  Avg Runs Allowed
c.  Avg Runs Scored
d.  Total Differential Runs Scored vs. Runs Allowed
*If 3 teams from a pool tie, head to head is only used if one team beats the other 2 head to head. Otherwise, it goes straight to Avg. Runs Allowed