Tournament Central


Host: Prospect Wire
Event: PW World Series 16U/15U
Age Groups: 16U, 15U
Type: Tournament - 4 Games Minimum
Date: July 25th - July 29th, 2014 (Fri - Tue)
City: Port St. Lucie (FL)
Bats: Wood
Tourn Pass: TBD
Day Pass: $10/day/adult (17 and under are free)
Registration: Closed



  • All Pool Play games are 7 innings or 2 hour time limits unless otherwise noted.  This is not a drop dead 2 hours.  No new inning will start after time limit is reached.  

  • If a game is tied after 7 innings during pool play, showcase games or playoff games, and there is time remaining on the clock, the 8th inning will start with “California Tie Breaker” (last batted out at 2nd base, 0 outs).  During playoff games, California Tie Breaker is used after 7 innings OR if time limit is reached prior to the 7th and the game is still tied.

  • Pool Play games can end in a tie.  

  • Run Rule is 10 after 5 innings

  • Teams may hit up to 10 hitters at one time.  You may utilize and EH & DH if you hit 10.  DH’s are “married” to the player they hit for.  EH’s can be interchanged between any player on the field (other than the one being DH’d for).  The only time a team may hit 11 players is during “Showcase Games”.  Pool Play Games & Playoff Games, teams may not hit 11 at any time.

  • Courtesy Runner for catcher at any time.  Pinch Runner must be someone currently not in the game. ***Please note, your courtesy runner for the catcher cannot also pinch run for other players during the game. In other words, you cannot have 1 player run for multiple kids during a game.  If you have no bench players, a courtesy runner for the catcher would be the last batted out.  

  • Home Team is determined by a coin flip during pool play games & Showcase Games.

  • When in doubt, National HS Rules will apply




  • Home team is higher seed. (Championship Games are always determined by a coin flip)

  • Games are 2 hour time limits.  If game is tied after 7 or when time limit is reached, California Tie Breaker is used.

  • Teams may hit no more than 10 players at one time.

  • Run rule is 10 after 5 innings.



  • 18U & 16U Divisions are always WOOD BAT ONLY divisions. (Composite wood, BAUM bats, etc...are allowed)

  • 14U Division may use BBCOR.  They are allowed to swing wood if they choose, but it is not required.  

  • If a player is ejected for any reason (regardless of fault), he will sit out the remainder of that game PLUS the next game.  

  • If a player is ejected TWICE in the same event, he will be out for the remainder of that event, no exceptions.  

  • If a coach is ejected from the game, he will be out the remainder of that game.  An ejected coach is allowed to return for his team’s next game, however, he must remain in the dugout at all times for the game following his ejection.  In other words, if a coach is tossed in pool play Game 1, he may return for Game 2, but only coach from the dugout.  He will not be allowed on the field for that game.  Game 3 he may resume normal coaching duties if he wishes.  

  • All teams MUST list your players clearly on your line up cards, with accurate jersey #’s and all subs.  If a sub is not listed and comes late, it is the coach’s responsibility to notify the home plate umpire of the player’s arrival.  During the game, regardless of what the roster says for a jersey #, the line up card must match what the players are wearing during the game.  Coaches are responsible for knowing the jersey # of their players.




  • Any team that fails to enter or submit a roster on Prospect Wire’s website prior to the start of their event, will NOT be eligible to advance to the playoffs, if they qualify.  Regardless of pool play record, a team without a roster will not be permitted to advance in the event beyond pool play.  

  • All teams must have a roster submitted by the start of their first game of the event.  All players on your PUBLISHED ONLINE ROSTER at the start of your first game, are the only players allowed to play in the event.  Teams may not add players once their first game has started.  When in doubt, roster the player to be safe.  Illegal rosters are grounds for protest and forfeit.

  • Teams may not shuffle players between teams in the same division; however, age divisions are considered separate events.  For example, as long as they are rostered, a 14U player could play in both a 14U and 16U event at the same time.  Or a 16U could play in a 16U & 18U at same time.  He must be rostered on both teams for this to be allowed.  But at no time can a team take from one team and add to another within the same age group.




  • If a game has already started, and a coach protests a call, roster issue, etc...he must notify the home plate umpire and the opposing manager of the protest.  The protest will be noted and the game will continue until completion.  

  • If a protest is upheld and a team is found to be guilty resulting in forfeit, that team will take a loss, however the final score will count and stand as is.  All runs scored & allowed will be factored into tie breakers.  

  • If a protest happens BEFORE a game starts, and it results in a forfeit, the final score of the game will be 7-0.  If a team does not show for a game, and a forfeit results, the final score is once again 7-0.

  • Protests are $100 to file one.  If your protest is upheld, the money will be returned.



For purposes of pool winners & wild cards when it comes to playoffs, the following order will be used for tie breakers:


  1. Head to Head during pool play

  2. AVERAGE runs allowed during your pool play games

  3. AVERAGE runs scored during your pool play games

  4. Total differential between Runs Scored & Runs Allowed during pool play games

***During the playoffs (First Round Only) - if two teams from the same pool are matched up in the first round, then the next lowest seeded team will slide up to that spot.  Prospect Wire does this so that 2 teams from the same pool do not turn around and match up again in Round 1.  After the first round, teams will play whoever they are slated to play, regardless of what pool they came from.