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Team Profile Last Update: July 21st, 2013
Team:Tampa Ball Hawgs 18U
Organization: Tampa Ball Hawgs
City:Tampa, FL
# of College Commits:-
Current College Pipeline: -
Quick Look
Next PW Event: -
Top Three Players: -
Team Scouting
2010 Fall Roster
# Grad Name Pos Rating Scouting notes
2011 Louis Aponte 2B/RHP
2012 Kenny Barrett 1B
2011 Cody Boland RHP
2011 Eric Collier RHP
2012 Brian Daphney LHP 7.50 runner (as of 06/2011)
2011 Matt Dunbar INF
2011 Cameron Hokanson C/3B
2011 Trekel James SS/2B
2013 Terrance Jenkins INF
2011 Tyrone Miller RHP
2011 Brandon Mumaw OF/1B
2012 Tommy Peterson RHP/RHP
2011 Leo Rill INF/OF
2011 Gabby Rios OF/2B
2011 Cole Stancil INF/OF
2011 Ryan Stojak RHP
2011 Chris Toney OF/RHP
2012 Jason Wilton RHP
2010 Fall Roster Print Roster
# Grad Name Pos Rating Ht/Wt B/T HS City College
2011 Cody Boland RHP 6'1"/190 R/R Middleton TampaFL
2011 Eric Collier RHP 6'3"/175 R/R Middleton TampaFL
2011 Tyrone Miller RHP 5'10"/170 R/R Tampa Bay Technical High School TampaFL
2012 Tommy Peterson RHP/RHP 6'0"/185 R/R River Ridge High School New Port RicheyFL
2011 Ryan Stojak RHP 6'4"/180 R/R Middleton TampaFL
2012 Jason Wilton RHP -/- R/R Steinbrenner High School TampaFL
2012 Brian Daphney LHP 6'3"/175 L/L Tarpon Springs High School Tarpon SpringsFL
2011 Cameron Hokanson C/3B 6'3"/190 R/R Middleton TampaFL
2012 Kenny Barrett 1B 6'8"/285 R/R Berkley Prep TampaFL
2011 Louis Aponte 2B/RHP 5'7"/150 R/R Middleton TampaFL
2011 Trekel James SS/2B 6'0"/180 S/R Brandon High School BrandonFL
2011 Matt Dunbar INF 5'8"/165 S/R Middleton TampaFL
2013 Terrance Jenkins INF 6'1"/195 R/R Plant TampaFL
2011 Leo Rill INF/OF 5'10"/180 R/R Middleton TampaFL
2011 Cole Stancil INF/OF 6'0"/165 R/R Middleton TampaFL
2011 Brandon Mumaw OF/1B -/- L/L Wesley Chapel High School New TampaFL
2011 Gabby Rios OF/2B 6'1"/180 R/L Middleton TampaFL
2011 Chris Toney OF/RHP 5'10"/160 R/R Middleton TampaFL
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2010 Fall Schedule
Start Host Event Date Span City State
No events listed by coach.
2014 Summer
2014 Fall
2013 Summer

Contact the Tampa Ball Hawgs 18U Staff
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